Hi Everyone
Like I’ve said in previous post, my new wordpress blog is Shawnthewriter.com.
The set up will be kind of the same but I will also include journals, videos (based on number of subscribers), and even little rants and expressions called “Letters”, and you will still get stories and plenty of poetry.

Please go ahead and subscribe or subscribe, because it’s still me and it’s still free. I’m just at a time where I want to be a little more professional. This is the next step in that journey. Join along.

And again, this site is STILL wordpress, so feel free to follow and visit as normally, there isn’t anything different on how to view the site.

Once again the site is shawnthewriter.com

You can also follow me on instagram: Shawn.the.vet Comment: #Vet for a followback
And I do respond to DM’s. I’m popular but I’m so far from famous, so talk to me.

Thank you,

Shawn D. Price

P.S. I love and appreciate everyone that has read and encouraged my writing. You guys are all awesome!


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