Let’s take our shadows for a walk in the light,
Watch them play in park,
Dig in the sand lot until they find all three flavors of love,
Reaching forearm deep in each other’s spirit,
Fondling and caressing thoughts, dreams, and sparks,
Seeing if these sparks can feed their souls,
And seeing if our vibes can start conversing before the night,
The time where the shadows play hide and seek,
And act as Angels in a park of beast,
In perfect balance…


3 thoughts on “The Walk – Shawn Price

  1. Again, this is only my opinion. But you seem to be in a nice transition period where your rhythms are fresh and enhance your imagery. I personally like your eliminating articles such as “the” and leaving us with a noun that communicates on multiple levels. You seem to be listening to your Muse. I continue to be a fan watching you develop your art form.

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