I be getting hot, cuz the begotten sons is setting.
I think I’m losing faith in him,
Trying to inhale his word but some days I lose taste in it,
How do I trust Christ if he’s part man and I can’t even put faith in my own brother.
Getting lost in the race of over lapping thoughts,
Trying to hide in God’s garden but his kids steal my fruit and chips,
And I wake up with Eve and Adam eatin’ all of it,
Thinking like “Dang, I should’ve called that,
I mean I’ve studied the fall of man,
So I should’ve seen the fault they have,
But I didn’t realize the word is that accurate.”
I know Pops bends over backwards for me,
But the messages never seem straight forward…

Father please,
Forgive these doubts with answers and signals,
I just need a sign before the sun sets on my days…


4 thoughts on “The Son – Shawn Price

  1. Your poem reminds of mine called self journey that I just posted and it’s about searching for something that you already found but not realizing it. Maybe sometimes the signs and signals are there and we just don’t see it. 🙂

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