Martin had dream,
Malcolm had a speach,
I had seen a vision
And now I got a message..

Shoot Accurate,
Live Peaceful,
The piece on my right hip will leave you speechless,
And let you rest in paradox,
All because on of paranoia,
Mixed with the thoughts of pac,
Flash backs from wars around the way,
And warnings in eulogies,
Cries from reverend,
Screams of victims
Laughs from the killers,
Taunts chanted by theives,
Trophies displayed by rapist,
And seeing the neighborhood wake up shaking,
And none of it shared on the news…

This situation is caused by phobia
Fear of dark nights,
Views of black mask lurking,
The thought of being the next in our  obituary
And Sights Black coffin interior,
Holding a cold and blue bodies hoping they don’t warm up in hell,
But not sweating it,
Cuz they already been through hell…


10 thoughts on “Bleak Vision – Shawn Price

  1. You tell it true. As much as we wish this was not true. It has been since the beginning of time. I pray and thank God that the bullet shot I heard didn’t hit me or mine.
    Great job

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