If you come over my day would be great,
There’s some things I can do to you,
But tonight I just wanna touch your heart,
Lay with me,
Use my chest as a pillow,
Let me twirl and run my finger through the knots of souls,
Reach deep in your dark places,
And hold you. ..

Confide in me,
Release your mind with me,
Float on cloud 9,
Without being high,
Hold on tight and You won’t  have to come back to earth any time soon,
Just know this trip to moon is true,
And so far from a game,
The only thing that’ll be played here is Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott, Boyz 2 Men, and old movies,
Just call “action” and this script will happen,
Baby lets make this day be great…


7 thoughts on “The Invitation – Shawn Price

  1. Nice pic to go with the thought of love. I love ur word usuage. I love the first verse. My only confusion here is u were speaking of love at a distance, n u began as though u were telling love that tonight u just want to reach deep in the dark places and then the second verse speaks as though love is already here and u r not going to play games but its true love. How has one night gone into true love? I’m confused. Please clarify.

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