Dear Thotty,
This letter is to get you to realize, comprehend, and understand,
That you’re a hoe…

With out beating around the Bush,
Like the many men that beat inside,
Kids that came out,
Or killed within,
I want to state some truth and show you the problems that you’ve seemed to have missed…

First off,
Please know that men know they’re dogs,
But if you keep presenting yourself as a bone,
Don’t expect us to change behavior,
Don’t complain when we chew you up, spit you out, and bury you to the side,
Cuz that’s what we do to bones…

Before you claim all men “ain’t shit” and play childish games,
Maybe you should wait a while for that boy on the stoop to be the man of the house,
Before you fuck him,
Because not taking responsibility for your actions,
Make YOU the childish ones…

Every female has one, and it can not, should not, and will not boost your rankings,
Just because you give a man some house cat,
Doesn’t make you a house wife…

If you are openly a hoe,
Know that we will treat that title as your occupation,
Seeing, using you and abusing you as such,
After all, us  “ain’t shit” dogs are always asking,
“Where the hoes at?”
And you will always be “That Hoe Over There”…


11 thoughts on “Dear Thotty – Shawn Price

  1. Shawn you visited my site and now you are following. I must say that this poem is brutally observant, constructive in its structure, and frank in its content delivery. You begin with a premise and follow to a conclusion. I like it. Keep it up and expand your observations of people and society. Good job.

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