In honor of T.B. Writers reaching 1,500+ subscribers, last night was my first time performing at an open mic, and I was actually able to do it in Hagerstown with “Spit Ur Peace”. I read “My Brother’s Keeper” (which you can find in the most poetry posting) and I had a great time, even tho it was a more intimate and a smaller crowd. Everyone was interactive, the poetry was soul touching and the host Ms. Tekesha “Fiyah Fly” Martinez was real and hilarious!

Because of this great experience, I plan on doing a lot more spoken word around the D.M.V. and start recording them for all of you to see, (which may put a hold on the book) but one thing for sure,  I will definitely be at every Spit Ur Peace that I can make it to. I will make to keep you guys post about when and where I will be performing.

Have a blessed day everyone!

For more info about Spit Ur Peace go to:

Also if you want to reach me
Follow me on Instagram: @shawn_the_vet
Or email me:


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