I watch for my brother,
Cuz Daddy work late and leaving him waiting now of days,
Cuz its too hot out not to melt now of days,
Cuz kids pack heat in the summer now of days,
Cuz “Neighborhood Watch” shoots first now of days, 
Cuz kids don’t fight with water guns and water balloons now of days, 
Cuz being cool, means being a criminal now of days,
Cuz villages don’t take time to raise the child now days,
Cuz teachers leave your ass class now of days,
Cuz kids think “Bang Bang” is that life now of days, 
Cuz Good guys finish life first, face last in the dirt now days, 
Cuz “cops and robbers” is “cops and niggas” now of days, 
Cuz wars aren’t only in Iraq these days,
Cuz pharaoh letting mad men free now of days,
Cuz Moses left and we’re missing leader now of days, 
Cuz the world can make a terrible thought waste a mind now of days,
Cuz it’s hard to for him to see God when everyone’s standing for a lie…

 I watch for my brother, 
Cuz no one else will,
I’m my brother’s keeper


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