We chill,
We cut class,
We hit the set,
Just because we feeling right,
And we always feeling right,
But there’s always one, that we feel is a bit crazy,
Cuz he’s always starting something,
He’s mad with power,
He swear he’s got juice,
But he’s just out there looking…

We’re a crew,
We’re brothers,
We stick together,
A group of friends just trynna survive,
Just trynna make it by,
But there’s always one that you gotta watch with that gun,
Cuz he smiled way too hard when that steal touched his skin,
The one your mom always pray for,
And you know he needed a Bible if anything.
Only if you had the juice to say,
“Go run to the pastor, Bishop! ”
I’m sure juice would be nice where he’s headed,
God please let a drop fall for him..


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