I listened to my brother as a little kid,
I listened to him get mad at my falling tears,
He tells me that’s for girls,
He yells “Big boys don’t cry”
So I guess that means when I’m alone I get little in the dark,
He yells “Big boys don’t cry”
He said it as if my tears will never fill up an ocean enough to be frank,
So I would fight back emotions like they were my biggest bully,
Knuckles bruised purple from missing blows and hitting the wall
Causing me to hide in my room to yell while I was alone,
Until I gave up on controlling my demons and set them aside in my closet,
And soon hangers got to full for my friends put rest,
So now they’re all screaming and sleep walking in my basement,
Leaving me think that if only I was allowed to cry once,
I could forgive, forget, and shake some skeletons off my back
And if i wept twice,
These ghost could leave my house,
Grab hands and go to the park,
Just like we did before we had to play hide and seek,
And I couldn’t find you,
But “Big boys don’t cry”
I guess that means I should be ashame,
While my mom is guessing her two sons are crazy,
Yes mama its crazy that your son can’t call himself a man,
Cuz I hugged his best friend bawling when his father died
And that I’m guessing that I’ve blown out my very last candle,
My girl guesses that I’m dead inside,
And I can’t even tell who’s guess is correct,
Simply cuz my mind is busy keeping my eyes dry,
This big kid needs to cry one good time


5 thoughts on “Big Boys Don’t Cry – Shawn Price

  1. Everyone hates crying in public. We often feel very vulnerable, especially around people who are staring. But a good cry here and there is showing compassion for self. I recently heard that “Compassion is an expression of your highest self.” So letting a few honest tears come whenever they come should actually feel good not embarrassing.

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