Written by Shawn Price
Illustration by McFresh

“Now of days,  many movies and TV shows pervert, twist, and make light of situations that are much realer than someone of us know. Situations like love, murder, judgment, etc. “Silent Films” is a series of poems that tells stories to hush Hollywood and open eyes to reality. Although some stories are well exaggerated, it shows heaviness of the world.
There’s crime, horror, drama, and romance all over this book. Its all truth, its all art and its all a message. Open your eyes…”

The finishing touches are being added and I will work start working on getting the book pubkished in June. As of now I’m really excited because this all has a message and I personally favor all the poems.
P.S. there are more pieces than pictures shown, but I couldn’t fit everything.

If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at, sdprice246@gmail.com.

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