He came into my life unexpectedly,
I was looking for “him.”
Him meaning the person to fix my broken heart
And when I say fix I mean change the way I see love,
Change the way I process someone genuinely showing me love.
I would’ve hoped he would’ve came into my life sooner but God put him here for a reason,
I think he was put here at this very moment,
Because I was starting to turn my life around my broken heart of course was still broken
But I was learning to deal with… being broken.
I was learning that even though it’s in pieces it won’t be for long
I also was learning it wasn’t my fault it was fate and destiny that my heart was broken,
A HUGE lesson.
I had to realize I needed to stop letting it bother me
And just deal with it..
Until he came and has almost repaired it and got it fully running again….

He came and repaired me…

Repaired my broken heart.


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