Sometimes I pretend to go kamikaze in the the Toyota 100 miles mintues,
I be tripping,
I be trynna see if God will strap up the sandals and be down to race,
I be like “Get in back so we play chicken with Satan”,
Going straight like my gas is stuck,
Only so I can say that I kicked Lucifer’s ass once,
Cuz my two homies already took some losses from him,
But he’s unaware that he can’t bring darkness to a black Angel,
You’d only lose my location,
And I’d be running down the road quick, only stopping when I had to pee
Stepping on every serpent when I feel some demons coming after me,
Then pick up speed when I can snatch some keys,
Bring them boys back home road trip,
Then look back like “Damn I’m trippin”


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