She got lost in the balloons, lost inside the party,
She got lost in a drink, so they used the balloons to disguise her body,
They took turns penetrating the defenses of her sanctuary,
And now my heart aches cuz I wasn’t there when she called out for me,
And now she blames me like I was one of those men,
“But I told you not to go to that party with them”
But she won’t hear it, she still stuck in the balloons and the memory
Now she walks around with a child who desires to send father day cards out to many,
The beautiful daughter of hers that I’m not even allowed to wave to,
Cuz she’s lost in some lies and greets me with “I hate you”…


7 thoughts on “Balloons – Shawn Price

  1. Ah! The indignity of humanity. We lay blame not on ourselves because that would mean taking responsibility. It wasn’t me, sir! The pole done block my way!

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