I’m “ugly” because I don’t wear makeup,
I’m “fat” because you can’t see my ribs,
I’m “incompetent” because I don’t get straight A’s,
I’m “ghetto” because I’m from the projects,
I’m “stuck up” because I’m light skin,
I’m “weird” because I’m different,
I’m “fake” because I’m friends with everyone,
I’m “immature” because I’m still in touch with my inner kid,
I’m a “fool” because I give more than I take,
I’m “poor” because I can’t buy the most expensive clothes,
Society tells us who we are based on the way we look,
Not aware that you can look like an angel but inside be a rotting corpse,
Society puts us in a specific group based on how much money we have,
I would rather make less money doing what I love then make a lot of money hating what I do,
That is what society can’t grasp,
Society tells us what’s “hot” and what’s “not”
And if we don’t meet the qualifications were not worth a lot,
Society is evil..
And evil is us


11 thoughts on “Us – Jade Boone

    • Can we really do anything? The only thing we can do is change ourselves, it’s impossible to change others if they don’t want to be changed. I would say to change the world and the way humans are, we must first change ourselves , that’s all we have authority over

  1. Love this, always thought there were major imbalances inn our system of worth, for instance how can a teacher be worth less than a person working on a stock exchange, who does nothing for society? We do need lots of change, and I’m sure irrespective of our look, the color of our skin, the place we live, our religion or any other label, we are all people of the world, and should be seen as equals, as I am sure God looks down on all his children as equal. By the way thanks for liking my poetry. Write on, if we all do change will come.

  2. As an, “elder” now, you give me hope that all is not lost. It hasn’t been like this forever. In fact, most of the total crap we deal with day to day has happened within the last 30 years, less than my lifetime. Keep the faith, keep on walking your walk and know you have allies you’ve never met.

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