They stole my homie young and then yesterday his big bro,
Do I need to keep 45 millimeters on me at all times before it’s my time to go?
I’ll kill with a shaky hand before I have to leave too early to shake the hand of the father,
And  I’ll kill again, if you take another one of my fam.
Father forgive me for sins…

Big homie, I’m sure where you are is peaceful,
But I made sure we sent that nigga with you,
So you and your brother can kick his ass if they don’t let you in,
But I’m sure you’re good,
You weren’t a saint but God know your heart,
So let me know if you get to kiss your Angel,
I’ll see you again…
Rest in Paradise…


2 thoughts on “His Elegy – Shawn Price

  1. I heard NOZ say in an interview tonight, “I don’t know any soft poets.” He’s right. Keep it real

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