Wake up, Wake up. .
Hurry with your hair, You don’t need that make up,
Show these liars the true beauty that I see,
Don’t forget your smile, mean mug, and house key.
I see you’re bored but please don’t sleep, I promise things will start going our way,
I know dealing with fake shit is a waste of our day…

I just wanna lay in bed, turn down the radio, and tune into conversation,
Lock the door, get tucked in after we close the window on all complication,
The perfect combination; apple juice and a love movie
We never pay attention cuz we’re so goofy,
And simply because you give a better view,
Playing with your hair, while getting airy stares from you,
Always on eachother, but never felt so near,
I swear it’s so peaceful here…

Even in bed, You’re still an angel,
Got my tongue twisted like “tangle bangle”
I got your lips shut cuz you decide to kiss mine,
And it’s about time,
Head on my chest as we slow the pace
Forehead kiss as I stroke your face,
I squeeze you tight in hopes to show I care,
Sniff twice cuz there’s something in the air,
Its not love but we can make some,
And see the left over when its all done,
And when its all done, we just dream,
About diving in love and floating down stream,
And I don’t what it’ll lead to,
But as long as I’m with you, I don’t need to. ..

This is paradise to say the least,
This is bed peace,
Call it fate , call it love, call it weird if you will,
The two hearts join as one laying peacefully still.
Peace out…


6 thoughts on “Bed Peace – Shawn Price

  1. Waking up to the person you love gives you the opportunity to see who they really are, behind all the facades and masks that are many times put up when stepping out into society.

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