Turn on the news,
Tune in, all you hear is blues,
One person’s wound becomes a national crisis
But kids lives get taken every day on the national heists,
Where’s their news specials ceremonial memorial rival?
Where’s the notice?
They murder kids and you keep it hush hush,
They say “No wait, those are files you can’t touch”
My best friend was smoked infront of me and that shit ain’t even make the paper,
Obama didn’t come comfort his mom til her tears turned vaper,
Only visit was from me to tell her that her son said “See ya later”,
The police didn’t even come to say he went to meet his maker.
They don’t care about the people who lay,
If so those angels would have their channel where the anchors just announce and pray.
But I guess a news feed for one, is justice for everyone else,
They just need one story at a time, fuck everyone else.
And fuck fox news…


13 thoughts on “Fox News pt. 3 – Shawn Price

  1. Your series on Fox News is top notch. I enjoy reading your poetry. In the short amount of time I have had it, I have seen real growth in your work. You have the potential for being a voice for your generation. Thanks. And yes, I agree. Fox makes money by capitalizing on the tragic events of our lives without offering any human empathy. They just collect the advertising dollars and run.

  2. I commend you. I appreciate your words but I feel sorry for the pain behind them. Pain is inevitable but it is what we do with it that sets us apart. We, artists, write from our wounded souls and that is where we gain the valuable talent of helping others see the world differently. I am glad that such a creative, intelligent young man will be pursuing further education. What career are you looking to engage?

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