As soon as you thought it was safe, thought the world gone sane
You Turn on the TV and see that 2 kids got snatched from down the lane,
They don’t fail tell you that the man is highly dangerous,
Probably armed highly crazy and infamous,
He’s done this before,
Back in 2003 and 2004,
Any claims that you don’t want trouble he just wants the ransom,
But he said if you don’t get the money he’ll peel their wig back til all you see is dandruff,
The police know its a bluff, just like the 2 times previous,
The news just wants You on your toes cuz the foxes are thinking “they’re losing a need for us”
See, they don’t really care if the children get kilt,
You’ll see more care on a carton milk…
The news just want a good story, only want the view,
If they get a hold of your heart and fear they’ll get a hold of you…


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