(Art By: Brooke Morgan)

She’s lost, strung out and scared, sitting in the corner where to floor is way too cold,
Barely dressed with a number of unknown male visitors that is way too high for only being 17 years old…
But this is not by choice, she’s just her father’s baby girl, some boys princess, prom queen,
Suppose to be on vacation to explore an odd scene,
But the man she thought was her tour guide only lead her to hell,
Now she aches to get up to perform her sexual duties at the ring of bell,
Zoned out by drugs way strong than the Tylenol she’s use to,
But then again everything is differant from what’s she’s use to.
No more prom, movie dates, girl, volleyball, and goodbye hugs from those she loves the most,
And all her love one’s probably think she’s with the Holy Ghost,
And she thinks she’s with demons as she hears the other girls screams,
And when she joins, the put that home mixed poison in her blood streams,
Cuz they need her quiet…
They need her naked, working, and looking like she’s on a diet,
They need her to assume this is doom;
They need that profit, Cuz to them she’s just a another slave; a numbered room,
And she’s getting that vibe too and she is stuck in this odd place,
This daughter, sister, friend,and or wife is stuck in this hard place,
Millions of girls share this horrid fate,
Living in hell as they just wait to see God’s face,
Waiting for a prayer and some saving grace,
Waiting on some help…


6 thoughts on “Cold Corner – Shawn Price

  1. Thank you for this; for your Real & Honest: I just learned that Oakland has the highest human traffic rate in the nation- for minors in the sex trade. We are working with a new group to get rescued minors employed. Shedding light & Working together. Thank you for your WORDs & WISDOM!

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