I need to escape my mind…
Cuz its getting too crowded with locos and too noisy for me,
And all the crazy night films are getting real annoying to see,
The people yelling from the outside are trynna break in,
If they keep trying my homie Conscious will have to pray for my sin,
They can’t come in, Cuz there is no way out without death involved,
And my phone been dead too long for death to get called,
Cuz I used all my minutes calling Jesus to come scoop me up in his ride,
But it went straight to voicemail every time that I tried,
So I’m still stuck with these wack jobs, scarecrow, lion,and a flying money,
And last week I got a text from Hope and Promise saying their car is on “E”
And the Devil tried to DM me for help but I unfollowed on twitter a month ago,
I’d ride puff the magic Dragon home but that stupid goofy broke his toe…

I guess that means I ain’t leaving and I should quit and go back to bed,
Maybe I can dream of day outside my head…


12 thoughts on “Escape – Shawn Price

  1. this was absolutely great! I loved it … and I’m curious – where do you get your interesting photos from?

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