I never wanna grow up…
I want to go back to Neverland,
Even if it’s just for dinner again. …
I’m trynna eat with the lost boys,  Peter, and Tink Tink,
Having the filing satisfaction of imaginary food and drink,
Whiping the mess off my face, yet having cotton candy on my finger tips,
Extra flavor from fairy dust that my finger grips….
Dinner is followed by food fights and hide n’ go seek,
And then scary stories about the things we might accidentally hide and go meet,
And I’ll act like I’m not petrified..

But after we get all scared,
Settle down from the smiles and laughs shared,
I need to get dropped back off,
Cuz if my mom wakes up and can’t find me she might pop her top,
So bye bye Neverland,I’ll see you another day,
You’ll be missed as I flash back every time I see a ship sail away…


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