I often have dreams that spin my head around
Like being in the garage locked in my mom’s Nissan as a house burns down
I hear the people screaming
As shotgun shells float in the Red Sea of the peoples bleeding
Shots get louder and screams see more familiar
From the next room I hear “Stop please you’re killing her”
Then the door to the garage gets kicked down
I see the double barrel in my glasses reflection before I turn around
Then my body drops and I expect this dream to end
But the perspective changes and I look in the mirror to see a grin that shows that I was the gun man…


5 thoughts on “Dreams and Nightmares #1 – Shawn Price

      • Okay – thanks. In the UK dope also means drug. But I’ve not heard it used like that – ‘awesome’ or whatever. Mostly it’s used in the opposite meaning – that someone is a dope (i.e. a stupid person).

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