Put the bottle down…
But you can’t, can you?
Controlling you, but how? Its not like it has hands too
It’s not like the bottle has a mind of his own,
Yet it gains power with yours as you’re stumbling home,
Becoming an everyday habit,
Late nights before you go out, You gotta grab it, for your “last fix”…

I hate seeing you like this so much, its putting a damp mood on me,
Hindering your life, you’ve made yourself an amputee.
How much can you truly do,with your mind slurred and your hands full?
Except complete the task of being a damn fool…

But I’m not here to make you feel ashamed for sippin,
I pray you’d stop letting it make you different…

Put the bottle down…
But You can’t, can you?
Cuz it’s already a part of you?

(Words from a kid always stuck at family reunions filled with drunks)


12 thoughts on “One Armed – Shawn Price

  1. I really like this… Your poetry is interesting to me because majority of the times – Its short enough where you don’t get bored but it’s powerful enough to make read it at least two more times. My family always gets drunk at family events as well.. It’s amazing what a little misfortune or observations could turn into on paper…
    Keep writing 🙂

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