After he deals with the school tyrants,
He gets off the bus for some after school violence.
If you thought a bully was bad,
Try living with a bi-polar mom and constantly drunk dad…

It may be wrong to assume cuz you don’t know the fact,
But with the things you see, where you have to think that’s the act,
Especially when you’re friends comes to school black eyed,
And it didn’t come from yesterday’s bus fight…
Praying for you homie…


7 thoughts on “After School – Shawn Price

  1. Thanks for reading my work. You remind me of times long past when being young was part of my life. Don’t give any time away. Always look life in the eye and let evil see not only your strength but also your sorrow that it is so broken.
    I’ll be back to visit.
    Thanks again,

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