I asked “who’s is it? “…
You said “Baby your name is on it”
Proof That’s its truly mine and I’m not  just the self proclaimed owner…

I asked “whose is it? “…
You said “Its yours and yours only”
Then I asked “whose?” Again and you could only scream “Oh my God” as if my name is holy…

I asked “whose is it? “…
And while speechless You grabbed me tighter and digged you’re nails in deep,
Whispered “Yours daddy” softly but you already know  I peeped…

I asked “whose is it? “…
Even though there isn’t need for me to ask anymore,
I already know You’re gonna say “Its yours”…


18 thoughts on “Own It – Shawn Price

  1. This is a fantastic poem. The colloquial voice is really great and it has a fab feel to it. You can hear the two sides of the convo. It’s let down a little by the spelling or grammatical mistakes such as speachless instead of speechless and Its instead of It’s (It is) and who’s, which should be whose is it? (Who’s) is who is…so what you have is who is is it…

    I know they’re teenie things, but nothing should take away from your fantastic poetry.

  2. Why is this person grammar!
    This poetry! Your words, your freedom!
    Write it out however you choose! I do!
    do not be bound!
    Your words are beautiful and moving!

  3. Wow, if i may say babby boy has a little talent there lol. But no seriously that was good, fantasy or reality the experience makes the poet….persay. As i leave you with the worss of Nicki (Minaj).
    ” They hollar at me but it’s you this aint high school me and my crew we can slide through. Get it whenever you want when and whenever you want Baby it’s yours. Anywhere, any where baby it’s yours. ” – “high school” Nicki Minaj lol
    I thought it fit

  4. Others have already addressed the spelling/grammar, constructively, so we’ll just nod in their direction in agreement.
    Nicely done. Intense, marvelous flow. We’re diehard fans of selective repetition…it reminds us of the opening of Meat Loaf’s “You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth.” (Have a listen if you’re unacquainted.


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