I’m trynna make a trip to your house,
I mean a trip to a star,
We can go out of our minds, and out this world
Just buckle up and close your eyes…

You lay with me and I feel as if I have the world, 6 stars, and a mediator in arms,
Majestic wonders…
We travel the universe as my hands explore the beautiful wornders of your body,
And ironically I can’t find the words to say,
Yet this is moment is the description of art, poetry, spirituality, and even love, if you believe in that…

I’m star gazing from the sight between your lashes,
You take me to new dimensions,
You take me to a trip and let me drive,
Let’s go far from here,
Explore eachother til we become one with eachother…
Kiss me,
Come with me,
Then drift if we go on E…
Wandering aimlessly through our galaxy.


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