Lets take a trip,
Trying leave the world for an hour or two or a few with you…
Trying to create artwork on art’s work with my tongue and nails…
Fading out of consciousness as our ship sails,
While I try recite the poetry of your lips back on to your neck,
To make you whisper “Oh my God” as if you’re out of breath,
Then you literally take mine when you touch my face and feel my lips;
Paralyzing me with the warmth of your finger tips…
Then you look at me with those gorgeous eyes but you don’t speak, you just kiss,
While I’m wanting to say “I love you” but your muted lips say “Don’t speak, just kiss”
And when I do, you put your hands around my neck in away that says “Yeah, Like this”
Then you give me goosebumps that make me grab you tight, and ball what I can of your pants up in a fist..
Pulling me close in a way that I swore my shirt would tear,
So tight with your heart, I got lost in the beat and swore I was living in there…
Lemme come visit there…
You look in my eyes, past my monsters and you tame my demons…
You rest your head on my soul since my heart is your hands…
My heart is in good hands…
So I relax like you and just play with your hair and gently caress you,
Things that I’m blessed to do…

There is serenity in the air when you’re by my side…
Rest right here on my side, Love,
But then eventually we have to come back to earth…
That painful goodbye when the mother ship touches dirt.
I’ll see you again soon…


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