Love and basketball..
Like, Imma trynna play one on one,
Let’s go til night fall; the street lights will be our sun…

Dribbling to the rhythm of my heart’s pace,
You back me down and I try to keep sexually thoughts out the back of my head,
I’m just trynna play you for a kiss,
Then I realize the easiest to win that kiss is to lose this game,
So I “missed” a few blocks and “choked” on some lay ups,
But all to see you smile…
And honestly if you, win then I win too,
As long as you know you’re not better than me sweetheart,
And if you don’t know then I’ll let you have that thought,
I’m not gonna tear you down,
Cuz I’m your number 1 fan,
And you’re a fan of mine, I’m sure…
But I’m trynna get that perfect autograph;
Lips stick in a shade that’s yours…
Until then, I’ll be cheering for you,
Just getting ready to play next…


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