Back to where everything seemed to be in reach,
Back where there was peace and you could see the planets from the beach,
Stars reflecting off the pearl topped beach shore,
Where we were in nature and nature roamed free; need I say more?
And It Seemed as if the waves would touch Saturn’s rings,
I’m sure you’ve never seen such a magical scene…
Y’all would find it strange but everything made since me,
Oh how I miss the purple floor and the blue trees,
Seeing the ladies in their safety hut scared of Starburn,
And many would just enjoy the rays and the view…

I wanna go to Krypton again,
And take Lois so she can sparkle under the star like the jewels in Krypton’s Den,
She’d love the beach…
I can her picture laying in purple grass relaxing in just her work shirt,
She’d be in peace at a place where I know nothing would hurt her,
I’d never desert her,
My home would is hers then…
Earth would only be vacation if I could go to Krypton again…


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