I was once a star in your eyes,
But you fell out of us
And your star fell beneath the dirt, while you helped burry me
Now what am I?
The burden boyfriend that you’re only staying with out of pity,
But since you constantly abandon me,
All I have is this prolonged title with no meaning,
Atleast no meaning to you right?
Don’t answer…
I appreciate the extra time,
I really do…

I just don’t appreciate the tortured feeling,
And the fact that you’re “I love you” is said with attitude and the phoniest smile,
That switches back to the meanest mug…

This shit gets worse everyday,
My tears add up,
And my greatest fear of losing you seems close as fuck,
Then as soon as I think you regain love,
I realize over and over again that it’s just a mirage…
A beautiful, sickening, melting mirage…

Feeling sick to stomach,
Swearing this is worst than death,
As I’m contemplating if I should try testing that theory,
But I just decide to drink this feeling away,
Asking myself unanswerable questions,
Not knowing how 4 years of bliss,
Can go to hell’s flames this quick,
But you’ll never know,
I love you too much to tell you all this. ..
You won’t care anyways…

Besides I’m a big boy, I’ll handle it,
And just melt away..


5 thoughts on “Melting Star – Shawn Price

  1. Shawn, you are a Romantic! Beautiful personal expression of a universal experience. Thanks for the Like for my audio poetry “Unremitting Faith for the Fearless: One More Day. Few things give me as much joy as seeing young people getting into poetry and putting their unique spin on it. Keep On Writing, Friend!
    I’m from MD, too. PG County. Left about 150 yrs ago… (:

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