You said You fell out of love,
And I felt my heart fall out of place,
I had no clue in the world that it got bad for you,
And that the whole time your smile was a mirage to me…

I had faith though, I knew these weren’t true feelings,
You just had to deal with some shit in your heart,
And I’ll admit I had my doubts too,
but I never thought it’d go this far;
With me losing you…

And I know that sounds strange because we’re still together,
But I’m not dating the girl I know and love;
Just a mirage…

Don’t get me wrong, You tried your best to keep me happy,
Yet with every cut off convo, outburst, shortened kiss, “I love you” with no response and clinch of your first…
I knew You wasn’t happy anymore,
Atleast not like You use to be,
Its almost like you got sick and way too use to me,
And I just missed the time where you always wanted me around,
But now it was as if you could care less if I was careless and put myself in ground.
And I won’t lie I considered it multiple times,
But I can’t give you my heart like I want if I put a whole in my brain so that wasn’t an option….

So the only thing I could do was pray,
And I prayed over this one thing, more than another time I’ve talked to God;
Probably six times a day,
Or maybe more, who knows, I didn’t keep tally marks,
I was just focused on us,
And that’s all I could focus on..
Almost have you this pen and my sport of choice,
Cuz I was empty,
Almost dropped out,
Cuz I was empty
Almost let you go,
Cuz you kept taking shots at me like the enemy,
And that’s last thing I want to be
I just didn’t know what to do,
Except let my heart bleed silently…


9 thoughts on “Bleeding Heart – Shawn Price

  1. When the camel rides through the desert he sees no mirages. Only the rider does. And the camel has water stored in its hump, while the rider is thirsty. Sometimes he arrives at the Oasis and at first she refreshes him with mock care and mock love, and then breaks his heart. The camel spits. The desert is dry.

  2. When someone says “I don’t love you anymore,” they never did. God is the source and only source of the good stuff. : )

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