She was the type of girl to sit quietly at the train station with her book, to add three sugars to her tea instead of two, and to lie dreaming at night thinking of what her future holds.

He was the type of boy who ran the through the train station with his friends, who spent his night at parties, and lay up at night trying to figure out how far into the future he’s going to make it.

They were indescribably opposite at the most..

Until that one day. They day he reached down to pick up her book that she had dropped. From then on, the world was theirs.

He started adding three sugars to his tea, He sat and admired while she read on his bed, He started spending those late nights with her.

She explored all of his unknown traits, she learned he could sing, she learned he could draw, she fell in love with all the things she knew about him that no one else knew… and hewas hers….

They stayed awake together at night traveling through the deepest depths of each other that no one else had bothered to explore before.

She became his sugar and he became her spice. Two souls combined into one, becoming indestructible at it’s best.


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