Look inside my eyes and tell me what you see in me…
Or just look through,
I heard with eyes like yours that’s something you can do,
So with these deep stares,
You see each skeleton in my closet and every demon down stairs,
Don’t be too scared venture…
Be brave enough to see every bright thought or dark secret
Cuz when you lay by my side you become the Dark’s keeper,
Gaining the key for journal of all my dreamt fantasies,
And to volt of replays for homemade film type memories,
And to the chest for all my poems that’s been trashed;
The things that’ll show you the man of your dreams was never missing, just masked,
Trying to steal your heart…

Look inside and tell me what you see in me,
Tell me about the bitter sweet dreams you see,
I hope you see my nightmare die and your dream come true,
And I know you’ll see that I love you…
Cuz I do love you…


10 thoughts on “Look in My Eyes – Shawn Price

  1. Just wanted to take a moment and let you know that your blog has made me think, challenged me in some way and I want to say thank you by nominating you for the Liebster Award. Congratulations! You will find all the directions back at my blog. See you there!

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