You’re probably reading this now although I tried to keep this letter a secret,
But fuck it, I’d scream it, play it through a speaker then repeat it,
Cuz this is something I want you to know…

You make me melt away,
And fade just like the words I try to say,
The syllables never come out when I’m with you babe,
And I drift inside my mind as my thoughts get slayed,
But your kiss is like red roses at their funeral,
As you kill me with those eyes; a death so beautiful…
Then you steal my heart, a robbery committed so peacefully,
Dreams so gorgeous, displaying everything you mean to me;
The world and more…
Hideous nightmares showing what’s worth losing you;
Nothing at all..

You’re my slice of Heaven and all..
And my dreams say our heaven won’t fall…


12 thoughts on “Melting – Shawn Price

  1. I love this. Your voice is getting better and better all the time. There’s a kind of music to your writing, or rather the way it feels. Really enjoy your poetry. Have reblogged this. Hope it’s okay.

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