I’m sick of ya’ll
I’m sick and tired of this ignorance,
Which is often confused for living in bliss…
Where people scream YOLO but waste that one life,
Killing themselves slowly, when they might as well grab a knife…
People throwing their gifts and blessings down the drain..
Because they want to “Turn up” to mask fake pain…
But pain for this generation is not getting the new shoes
Or planning a party but not having enough booze…
Ya’ll don’t feel pain, you’re just victims of manipulation
Who can’t break the spell, because of lack of inspiration

The thing I hate most, is that it is my generation that has lost it’s sense
Causing brainless chaos, like a zombie apocalypse
I’m sick of this shit…


5 thoughts on “I’m Sick of Y’all – Shawn Price

  1. Me too, and when we are sick we need to find a cure..and if its an epidemic its going to take a lot of medicine, that means lots of leaching and learning, awareness and understanding, which I am not sure if that is in stock, I think there is a low demand on that stuff globally, I know here where I am from, its not used as a method to heal each other, in fact its not valued much at all. They think some drugs will cure the disease, they think ignoring the problem will mean it has gone away. the ones that make me sick…need the most help. But if they are unwilling to recognize their infections, they will be in denial and unwilling to self medicate or take any help, unless they see it as a way to take advantage of a situation of course. TO manipulate a situation to capitalize on their already weak actions. It is hard to be positive and stay healthy in a world were sickness is passed around like a luxury and something to strive for, to worship or take pride in, to give everything to have. I liked the writing, thanks for sharing.

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