Hear no evil,
Speak no evil,
See no evil,
While knowing its always around the corner
Coming as a hater, instigator, and a finger pointer,
And honestly what they do is simply sad,
Cuz when it all gets dark for you, the evil gets glad..
And won’t stop til we’re all just like it
A wicked one won’t stop until they pushed the last limit…
Especially with that nasty tongue,
Cuz although the sword is mighty, words get a lot done…
So the devil becomes a liar and a hella of gossiper too,
Claim to spread news but the headlines ain’t truth,
Kick you when you’re down, spit on you when you’re getting up,
Then talk bout your mom’s and pop’s struggle if that wasn’t enough… 
But stay strong and jump the struggle like knievel,
And hear no, speak no, see no,  fear no evil…


13 thoughts on “Fear No Evil – Shawn Price

      • You should!!! And I thoughth I was the caveman when it gets to the internet-social media………….

        You´re a good man and a very good writere sir.

        Hope you had some good present or creativity for your girlfriend this last 14 of FEB

      • I get the girl thing, what I don´t get is how the hell it´s snowing so much over there in the U.S(had to or wanted to see it in evil FOX news channel), here in Spain the days that snow are one in a million chances and when it does, nobody isi prepared so basically it snows 1 feet and nobody or the government has a sulution for it, so we stay stuck.

        And that´s a rant about my fucked up country.

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