Sweetheart You’re a beautiful view,
And “I think love is beautiful, too”
And I think love is like ours rare be found these days,
I think we’ll run out of love after we run out of May’s…

This radioactive connection we got is quite strange you know,
“But it’s love like Cupid kissing a mistletoe”
Or the box of chocolate’s that reminds Forrest of Jenny’s smile,
And if it means circling the world to find you at our tree again, then I’ll go the mile…

This love is crazy, and this true,
It’s true that’s I have visions of marrying you,
But that’s crazy cuz me and your dad haven’t even planned to meet ,
But I swear “Daddy wouldn’t let you if he ever met me”

“Damn your mouth so minty”…
I’m off track again,
But race or not I’m trynna get in your lane and end where you finish,
I’ll be in your winner circle til my days plinish…

As I’m realizing the meaning of love and the benefits of..
Like “What’s better than frolicking, follies, fallin’ in mud,
Is rolling in green pastures, wanderin’, followin’ love”
“What’s better than rhymes, nickels, dimes and dollars and dubs,
 Is dialing up your darling just for callin’ her up”
Ain’t better than our love,

True love,
Crazy love,
Explosive love,
Acid Love…


21 thoughts on “Acid Love – Shawn Price

  1. You write beautifully, so honestly. I love your title, Acid Love. I have a thing for titles and that one says so much. There’s something dangerous, painful, yet attractive about it. — you don’t need people telling you this, I’m sure, but you’ve really got a talent for poetry.
    I appreciate that you liked some of my stuff, thank you.

  2. I love the way you integrated Chance’s lyrics! You took some beautifully written lyrics and used them to make your own beautifully written poem.
    Acid Rap has inspired a lot of my stuff recently too!
    Mad love, keep i

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