Last time I was your Valentine I ended up breaking your heart,
Along with trust and faith; I played games, lost,  then we hit restart,
But I face the aftermath, realizing the fact of how deep I hurt you,
And That’s worse than suicide cuz I cut through your heart and now I’m hurt too,
I was thinking too much with my dick when I should’ve been loving you with my heart, and now my heads screwed up,
My mind is twisted like I got 2 extra screws and I’m missing 3 bolts and 2 nuts,
And for what?
To get my screw and bolts touched…
At what cost?
To know I made your tears fall…

Well, I’m changed a deeper in love with you,
So this is what’s up…

This year,  realizing what I’ve done, in my childish ways,
I put away all the selfish act from wasted days,
And I ask…
“Will You be my Valentine and much much more?”
Matter of fact, “Will you just let me be yours?”
Either way it’s a blessing in this case,
Cuz I remember a day I thought it’d be the my last time seeing your face…
But I’m no longer that boy, I’m here to love you like a man…
Knowing that I can’t break my Valentine’s heart again…


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