Cupid cares,
He just missed your heart a few times,
He’s not as perfect as the legend says, it takes him a few tries,
He needs you to go through a few heart breaks, a few lies
Cuz you’ll know enough to realize true love after you learn from a few guys..

Sweetheart I swear,
Cupid is real and he cares…
He’s just taking time to hit the target,
So although you feel that he’s offset, don’t quit..
No pain, no gain
And he knows to get strong in love you to feel some strain

Keep calm;
Cupid cares…
He’s knows you’re lonely but sweet heart patients a virtue,
He’d rather you learn to love yourself first, than rush you to the man that’ll hurt you,
So even if you’re single this Valentine day,
It’ll be worth it when you find the one you love till the earth decays…

So if you have the worst luck with love and feel that nobody is there,
Remember that Cupid cares…


8 thoughts on “Off Target – Shawn Price

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