I stroke deep to paint the picture of your satisfaction,
Extinguishing the flame flickering in your eye; the burning passion,
Putting your body to rest…

Taking the friction, yet adding flavor to your kiss,
Placing my name across your lips,
You speak out but for where my mouth is you only speak with lisp,
You’re back arching as if pushing my breaks to slow down but your nails in my back tell me to keep doing this,
And I’m going to so I can make you break a sweat,
And I’m not satisfied until my stroke makes you moan, groan, and gasp like you’re reaching for last breath,
Or You say “Hold up I need rest”…

Stroke so deep it makes you grab your chest,
Forget lust this is artistry at its best,
3 pairs of lips moist and no 3rd party attached,
What picture is better than that?


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