This paper of mine speaks with no regret, it is so proud,
Says what is true,  and says it to you so loud,
Just listen. ..

This is way more more than art, this is philosophy; a spiritual message,
Feel my freedom and oppression,
See the fake smiles, pained faces, and evil beings I’ve seen rejoice,
The victories and failures saved, replayed on this sheet and read in your voice,

This paper of mine screams,
It pronounces words to haunt your dreams,
This paper is truth,
And sprinkled with juice from the fountain of youth,
Its immortal…
With the deliverance with no limited age or preference of flavor,
Society’s gospel with no sacrificed savior.
Written as if spoken at the preacher’s alter;
Be quenched from the eternal water. ..

This paper of mine speaks.
Poetry is on this paper…


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