They say I should be good if I got my Lois Lane,
Cuz when Kryptinite hits, she’ll take away the pain,

Oh Lois lane; she’ll make you feel super when you’re just Clark Kent,
And she’ll show you light as you wonder where that powers went…
My Lois Lane; If you hold her close she’ll join you for the flight,
And you don’t mind because with all the vision in the world there ain’t a better sight…

I’m superman, but I see her as the special one…
I’ve saved the world countless time but I know having her I’ve truly won…
My Lois Lane; the reason I still wear this “S”,
The reason I strive for my best…

I owe my heart to Lois and all she’s going to be,
Because truth be told, Lois is the one that saved me…


4 thoughts on “Lois – Shawn Price

  1. hey, this is lovely and heart warming. Love the idea of Lois Lane empowering Superman and giving extra meaning to that ‘S’. She’s always the one that has to be saved from something daft, nice to present her differently. Truly super. Your Lois Lane must love these.

  2. I love this. Because behind any strong person, there is someone behind them who helps make them who they are. Who gives them the strength not to give up. And the power is within but this person helps them realize it and bring it out.

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