The Magic 8 ball use to be my favorite friend,
Until I asked “What is my purpose?”, shook it, and read “Try again”
And I tried again and again until I started to hate that ball,
And threw it out the window for the concrete to break it’s fall. ..
But it didn’t break, I Just picked it and it said “Try again” as if it mocked me,
The fool that thought a ball could unlock the mysteries I fought to see…

But I still used the “magic” toy,
Asking life’s questions I should’ve prayed about, but I was just a little boy,
And although it told me love was real, I’d get married, fulfill my dreams, and more,
It still seemed to ignore the question of “What am I here for?”
But I wasn’t mad as much as I was in awe,
Cuz I knew it had the answer, for when I prayed to God, he’d show me this ball…

My magic 8 ball striked My mind and had constantly knocked me down like a pin,
But I threw it once more and it rolled to my purpose; a note book and pen…


4 thoughts on “8 Ball – Shawn Price

  1. Good it turned out fine for you, in my opinion the 8 ball is synonimous with bad luck, plus it´s the last ball you have to put in the hole when playing pool, and I never win!

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