Ambitious girl, with drive that drives you insane
I’m trying to stay with you, and come drive in your lane
Grabbin shootin stars, instead of wishin upon em
Inspiring me to join your planet jumping, waitin for that star to come
Racing until the people see you when they’re star gazing
Until we reach the dreams that we are chasing,
Unlike these status hoes going with the status quo
You know all shows must go on, so you go on and push the flow…
They wait for opportunity to come to the door and knock,
As your efforts is as the dope boy in the cold, working block to block..

You got drive that lets you strive until you’re done
Ambitious girl, with efforts that strides pass the sun
So I don’t even the mind the wait
Because I know you’re good and on the way of becoming great,
As long you go with no slack..
Pushing for now, reaching for later, saying “fuck a throwback”
Ambitious girl, I want to see you reach your goals and all
And give you enteral summer days, hoping to never see your fall,
If you do trip and decline I’ll pull you up with that rope
And if your dreams die I’ll help resuscitate your hope…

See, baby girl know that I’m here for you
Just trying to love, understand and be near you
Push the way you do
And try to find drive that takes us to a new avenue…

Ambitious girl, you don’t do it for the glitz, glamour, or fame,
You do it for the love of the game,
To show up a winner at the end of the day,
With the attitude to let these bitches know that, you don’t play,

My ambitious girl, I’m out here working with you
When your soul feels old and tired I’ll be here to up lift you to push through…

My gifted girl, way more than you notice
My love, got my heart and I’m striving to know where yours is…
To know it, hold it with my cold hands,
Warm it up like you did mine, if its frozen


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