Beautiful girl…
Truthfully, I’m astounded by you,
From the way that you look, up to the things that you do,
Kind of like the way your smile is a delight to see
Or the simple way your eyes bring life to me.
And that your lips cause the drive for mine to try to meet
Or that your voice is my bridge from fantasy to reality

Beautiful girl…
I promise that you’re the only one that I commit to
And that I won’t say “love” until I fall in there with you
Because that word can kill and I don’t want that regret
But I feel that we’ll see “love” as a place we first met
So I will say “baby girl come take a chance with me,
We got a long road ahead that I can’t wait to see.”

Beautiful girl…
My mind is stuck on you, this gorgeous thing in front of me
And all the gorgeous memories to be…
Knowing where ever we are together it’ll be like magic there
Trying to chase all of the dreams we share.

Beautiful Girl…
I know that everything won’t be pretty
But I’ll be the one to take care of the ugly if you’d let me
Your fear, pain, or scares from your before
You wont have to go through it alone anymore,
I won’t be the instigator of your insecurities,
Or fight your waves of emotion and struggles, I’ll just endur the seas…
I’m here for you,
I’ll be honest and true…

My Beautiful girl…
There won’t be whispers of sweet nothings in your ear from me,
Only kind down plays, since any complement I comment wont come close to reality…
Like calling you My beautiful girl when you’re so far pass that,
So far…

Beautiful Girl…
I can be your wonderful boy
Whether temporary or forever I’m going to strive to bring you joy
You won’t believe all of the love I have to show
When you’re just let me know.


3 thoughts on “The Beautiful Girl – Shawn Price

  1. Thank You for stopping by my blog and for the like!
    Your writing is amazing, so I am very humbled that you like mine.
    Big Love

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