I never had true struggle, Cuz my plate was always completely filled,
But My unrelated brothers weren’t fed well so I snuck them food as if I tripped and my plate spilled,
So in a way I was hungry still,
But I can’t feast yet cuz my homie’s mom sick and he left alone to pay the bill.
And it’s no questions asked because he’s fam to me,
But I’m was only 14 and McDonald’s ain’t for me so it was time for plan B,
And that is under wraps; I mean I can’t disappoint my own mom,
I’m just trying to make sure his mom keep her lights on…

Mission complete, so now I can eat mine,
But now I’m at a point where being satisfied is never fine.
If I’m at this dinner table of life, then I’m eating a third helping and taking a to-go plate,
I’m gonna make cuz I pushed with God, the starved can patiently await fate…
But not me.

I never suffered from hunger pain but I’m never done feeding myself,
And I’m not greedy I just embraced pain from people I’ve helped…
You may call the survival gluteney,
Its just the lust for success in me..
I’m just so hungry…


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