She said “I am just a toy. ”

Played with, used, abused and put away after bed time…
She just wants to please and give joy but says “I never get mine”
She does it for one love, ends up with none,
So she feels ashamed and debates on what she has done,
Thinking “Did he like it? Did it take too long or last long enough”
“Why does he never kiss me? He says he loves me but we only do the sexual stuff”
In rotation this play time goes,
She says “I’m just a toy.” Cuz she finally realizes and knows…

She says “I’m just a toy. ”

But she’s tired of games,
She’s tired of the pains…
She just wants to be someone’s gift…
She’s just tired of being played with,
She wants to be a real girl with a real boy…
But she is just a toy…


50 thoughts on “Just a toy – Shawn Price

  1. Having taught high school 11th grade history 33 years inner city minority I would offer that far too many girls are in like contemplation and some see it and other’s don’t but most remain trapped for there is little else upon which to cling. Having that baby is the only stature they may claim and it is not stature but sentence to cycle of poverty and despair. Thanks visit my blog.

  2. I see this condition all around. What in America doesn’t promote the female body as an object for male pleasure? Is it in the species’ DNA? Or does the market place so overwhelm thought and humanity that we just accept this as a reality? Where’s the exit? Who’s holding the door closed and who can open it?

    • Those are all good questions. I feel that it’s place in the man mind to have sex. And that many females think if they fill that need enough then they will get love that they desire. Men knowing that all females want is love, sell them that dream for the price of sex. And this has been spread through every day life and dwells in the media circuit.

      • Nope you had it right first time. One of very few who has it alone under 20 nice work. As a man who raised daughters I’m pleased to know there are men like you in the world.

  3. Hey, am absolutely loving reading through your poems. There’s a great honesty to them all and the voice of the every day is used great. Love the ‘cuz’s and the dialogue. Can’t help thinking they’d sound awesome performed. This poem is my fav so far, but also loved 8 ball. There really is something about your style that stands out. Please excuse my poor attempt to explain my thoughts. Any how great blog, I’ll be following with interest.

  4. I appreciate your directness and honesty. As a woman and old time feminist, I have to say that sex and love are not necessarily the same. For too long women have been used a sexual objects. We’ve been socialized to believe this from music, tv, and other media. Unfortunately, this patriarchal belief sets up a system where abuse becomes the norm. I’ll stop preaching now, though there is so much to say. THANKS for checking out my blog. Phebe/might I add that Feb 14th is V Day – look it up. Eve Ensler’s annual worldwide events against violence vs women. Please, just give it some thought.

  5. I like this. It’s a rather cynical point of view but no doubt based on your own experiences. Being much older my experiences will be partly different because they belong to a different time, and partly with my being in the UK and you the USA, there will be cultural differences too. However, girls often feel like toys, sometimes boys too, the media conditions us this way. With your clear insight perhaps you’ll be able to help change that so that girls and boys, men and women start treating each other as equals and with respect, for that is surely what we all are and deserve.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I really appreciate the visit.

    • I beg to disagree, but, no, not all relationships are based off of “treating each others as equals and with respect”. This is a modern day myth. Much as the myth that a relationship that doesn’t directly model what you suggest is somehow bad or negative to one or both parties involved in the relationship.

      And, I’ve got news for you….

      There are PLENTY of “non-conformists” when it comes to “alternative relationships” in the UK. This has NOTHING to do with age, or with culture, my friend.

      Might I suggest looking around at life with slightly wider open eyes? You might be surprised, possibly even pleasantly so at what you’ll find to be true beyond what you currently see in a limited format of what “truth” and “reality” are. They rarely are the same thing, by the way.



  6. It’s interesting whenever I think of the fact that life was meant to be enjoyed and not toyed with. Not good to toy with people. Karma has its way of hitting the ‘toyers’ off their balance.

  7. Good work. Excellent accomplishment in turning a metaphor partly inside out so that both side show at once, creating very fine semiotic tension. Well enjoyed by this reader.

  8. T.B. Writers
    Seventeen or not
    you have a heart
    and it shines
    in the rawness
    of this amazing piece.
    We shatter ourselves
    when we take from another
    I am older – much older
    and it took me into my early 30′s to connect love and sex. Today I’ll have it no other way. Only trust builds what is truly deep intimacy and sex is a great way to express it.
    Our society has male power and dominance mixed up. There’s real power that is silent, not showy but moves the world. And it’s in both the men and women who dare to take the journey.
    Keep speaking your heart through your voice. That’s what poetry is about. Speak your soul in the moment.

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