Photo by Jazmynn Brown Facebook: Jazmynn Photography Instagram: Jazmynn16

She said “I really can’t stay…”

“Baby it’s cold outside”
I know where we can warm up and hide,
Right next to the fire’s roar,
As we melt right on floor…

She said “I really can’t stay.”

“Baby it’s bad out there”
Having you walk home would be so unfair,
So take you’re coat off and stay a while,
I’ll warm you with my arms, and you’ll warm with that smile…

She said “I really must get going.”

So much snow and their expecting some more,
“Never such a blizzard before”
“Look out the window at the storm” ‘Oh wow!’…
But “Gosh your lips look delicious” right now. ..

She said “I wish I didn’t have to go…”

“Baby you’d freeze out there”
Jack Frost is flying in the air,
But stay with me and we’ll be alright,
We can make heat all through the night…


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