Photo by Jazmynn Brown Facebook: Jazmynn Photography Instagram: Jazmynn16

Words in quote are Cameo’s.

“Today I’m just a lonely man”
Because yesterday I had no plan,
But tomorrow is a new beginning
“Tomorrow I’ll be a king”
That hour you’ll be Queen…
Let me paint the scene,
“The whole wide world will watch me”
As I watch them envy,
“As I walk up to my throne”
Having our names shouted out for those who have not known, 

“But wait a minute, I’m still lonely, I guess anyone can dream
But when you lose someone it seems”
No wait a minute, it is, “So unimportant”
I see that not having you is just torment…
But Wait a minute, you said you didn’t think we were meant to be,”
And I found out, that you really didn’t want me”
“I never thought that you do me this way”
At least I never thought that you’d do it today… 


One thought on “Why have I lost You (poetic mix) – Shawn price and Cameo

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